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Brunswick Fig

Brunswick Fig

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Blurpees Garden Updates – March 2015

Making own soil Blocks as seed starter

There are a few guides online teaches you to make soil blocks, or you can buy those jiffy peatmoss pot too, Heres my experiment.
chili pepper
And my Chili Pepper Sprouted =D

Plants in Pots
THai Basil
THai Basil, rooted from store bought basil

sawtooth coriander
Sawtooth coriander FLowering soon

It is small but it is really spicy as all the flavours stuch in this small cute red thing

Organic Pomegranate sprouts
I am excited to have my own pomegranate fruit !!

Pandan Plant
My Pandan Leaves Growing nonestop .
It has been here for more than 10 years and neglected..
I need to chop of half of these and give away!

Indian borage, Malabar spinach, Brazillian Spinach, Pak Choy, And some Kailan seedling on the far right
You can see the size that it grw to for the brazillian spinach here.

long bean
Long Bush bean Flower
Long Bush bean Flower are quite pretty as well. =D

Lemon tree
Remember my lemon seedlings ? I am feeling proud =D
THe leaves are very aromatic, but gotta be careful on the spikes

If i am not mistaken, THis should be genovese Basil. It was grew from seeds as well

Eggplant rust fungus
Eggplant , with rust fungus, time to spray some organic pesticides.

dill seedlings
Dill Seedlings
The germination rate is very good!
Seeds were from THailand

WHite COrn kale
White Corn
White Corn
You can see how much it has grown

Mahkota Dewa Phaleria macrocarpa
Mahkota Dewa Phaleria macrocarpa
I sow the seed but seems like it did not sprout.

French Lavender from Seeds
These takes long time to grow, but the dates there are wrong. It should be sown a few months later than the written date.

ANd last.. Tadaaa

Edible Seeds
Seeds From Group BUy!
I bought a bunch and it cost around rm80 + for all these~
It is all edible plants =D

Oh yea i got myself a HYdropinic sets as well. But havent started using it. All greens shall be in there.
I will update once i started on it =D

Stay TUne!!

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Soil Mixture guide 1

I am starting off with this Beauutiful but none edible plant, that caught my eye for many times in the nursery and i just have to get it XD. THe red color brighten up my Greens surrounding


My Self mix Potting soil guide :

Base on my own opinions on how to determine a good medium for plants:
Loamy + Good Aeration + can retain moisture
^ These are the base soil before adding in nutrients

Clay soil that is commonly known that it gets harden and might suffocate the plant, But now during my trial I am adding in some clay soil to mix with my compost, i balanced up as my soil could be too rich,

Recipe :

1 part Perlite (for aeration / loamy / water contain)
1 part vermiculite OR 1 part Cocopeat ( For moisture retaining)
2 part Clay soil + Black soil (they are cheap and to be use to balance the rich compost and perlites  )
1 or 2 part Local Soil  / Potting Mix
2 part Compost 

Before planting the greens, add 1 or 2 tbsp of vermicompost + Epsom Salt(Magnesium) + Garden lime (Or Egg shell crushed)(Calcium).  THis is especially useful for heavy feeder plants like corn and tomato. But this is for rooted small plants.

For Germinating the seeds, you only need potting mix and some vermicompost.
Happy Gardening!
If you have other opinions and feedbacks, or better idea on Soil Mixture in Malaysia, You are welcome to comment below, THanks!

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DIY Grow bag

Im still trying to figure the best way to make this .
I bought some felt fabric from Daiso. (They seems to be softer than the ones i found in bookstore, i think the harder ones would be better)

Heres the rough hand work result. The handles sewing part is a pretty good idea to follow.
DIY grow bags

okay, i found this is pretty good than the on on the top before it is flat below and can stand up more with more stability :

Grow bags
The sides of the Grow bag

I just bought another felt , to make a bigger version so that i can plant my potatoes =D .

Or you can get your grow bags here:
( good quality !)

2 Gallon and 5 Gallong bags available

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DIY Garden Raise Bed

Below is what i did for my garden bed

Step 1 :

Scrape the grass on top .Dig a square shape out, at least 1 foot deep . In my case i make a rectangle one. I cannot dig too deep as there are rocks all over, hence i will make a raise bed. Read on!

Step 2:

Add Card boxes/ landscape fabric/ Weed Barrier after you dig out the local soil (clay + mix compost soil in my case).
This is to ensure that the compost and fertilizers u going to add later on will not sip through and lost into below the ground.

Example frm:

Step 3:
Lay Bricks on the edges to make raise bed.
Tey are heavy! D=
YOu can also use wood or other as barrier if you can get a hand on them

Other barrier examples :
Garden raise bed

Step 4:
Add a layer of dry leaves above, A layer of local soil. A layer of Food Scraps.
This is to make your own compost soil, it will decay slowly and turn into compost and will be very good for your plants after u transplanted them here.
In my case , I added Coffee Grounds, food waste, then my last layers of dry leaves and twigs. (Note: twigs will take longer to compost).
If you happen to saw some Earth worm a.k.a Caning Tanah (Malay) , Just transfer them into your garden bed, they will help turn scraps in compost faster and aerate the soil!
Gardeb bed DIY
I should add the barrier before Adding in scraps. But its okay !

Rough brick work
Raise gardeb Bed

Step 5 :
Shovel to mix the pile. Add in more scrapes and dry material daily.
In my case i will do this until the arrival and sprouting of my seedlings.then top the layers with some vermicompost and potting compost mix that i bought lately =D

Step 6:
Plant your seedlings!=D

More Raise bed Idea:

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My Edibles Garden Update : Corn, Beans, Amaranth, Eggplant

I gotten these seeds from anonymous… my dad got it form the natives in Sabah XD , And they are really good stuff =D

Amaranth Spinach/ Bayam Merah

Amaranth Spinach

Few weeks after:
Amaranth SPinach
Waiting for few more weeks before i harvest =D
Plucked out some smaller plants beside to other pots to provide more space for the big ones to grow.

I was having no idea on what kinda beans is this plant. NOw i think that it should be long Yard Bean (hopefully im not wrong).

Progress Photo :

long yard bean
Looks like some pretty purple flower huh =D

long yard bean
The petal fell adn the beans stating to grow =D

long yard bean
getting longer =D

3 Types of pretty Corn Seeds!

rainbow corn seeds
Look at the color ! i have no idea whats the first one name is.. white purple hybrid ?

Purple corn White corn seedlings
THey sprouted pretty Efficiently
Still waiting for the yellow one to sprout as i just sow them.

Eggplant / Brinjal (either one of these lol)
I think this seed was bought long time ago. it sprouted and i didnt know it was eggplant. :p
THe right one is pakchoy, i cant separate them as they just die when i do. so its kinda cramp right now and not really growing much.

Dry Leaf Skeleton
This one was form Naturally !
Natural formed Leaf skeleton
Found this while iwas digging a garden bed.
Arent this pretty =D